Departure & Arrival !!

I just arrived at pdx, or Portland International Airport at 7:20 am on 23, March. I'm gonna join the Transnational Program by Waseda Univ though, there are 24 students from freshman to senior. Of course, every department.

It rained at Narita when our flight is bording. The plane jolted well, and I became to feel a little bit worse,lol. We were sitting on the economy-class seats,sure. It was hard to fall asleep becaz of both narrow and vibrating space. During the first-time flight to the US, I watched the famous film, "Ray" in English only. His sound, mood, and attitude, except for to drag, were all fantastic !! I was excited an' impressed.

We got off, walked the slope to main building in pdx after short sleeps. We met the assistant lady, Kanae, ex-TNP student, who graduated Waseda and goes to the graduate school of PSU. She led us to the chartered bus to the University. About 20-30 minitues we got off in the front of each dormitories. In my turn I arrived at the Montgomery, the lovely historic dorm at 10:00. Then I washed my face and changed my cloth. Outside it also rained.

The welcom piza party was held in the Ondine, one of PSU dorms. The only two slices gave me the feeling of fullness,lol. The American size is amazing. later we listened to some explanation about new life. Then we were separated by some groups in order to introduce part of Portland, downtown.

I went shopping to the grocery store, SAFEWAY alone. An' I bought milk, Gatorade, Rice-choko Krispies, and so on in credit. Inpite of my first time to shopping,lol.

It meaned that my first dinner was choko kripies,lol. My room has the microwave oven & frige including rent per month. It was delicious,lol. I remembered the same scene in Japan.

The hard exhustion fell asleep shortly after dinner. Good First Nite !!

<訳文> *長いんで簡単に。

エコノミークラスだけに狭くてろくに睡眠が取れなかった。しかも現地の朝着くというのに、観たい映画がたくさんあり、機内でのささやかな葛藤があった。機内食は案外充実していた。FA(maybe American)も親切にしてくれた。楽しかった。


初めての買い物は、印象的だったね。まずレジにベルトコンベアーが組み込まれていて、前の人の見よう見真似で、まずカゴから品物をコンベアーに出した。自分の番になると、「It's first time here.」と告げ、店員に自分の立場を認識させると、早速クレジットカードでの支払いとなった。JPNでのサインは当然漢字なので、USでどっちにしようか迷った。が数秒後にはちゃんと筆記体のサインを記入して「Thank you!」と言って店を後にしていた。USのシステムの充実ぶりには驚いた。


  by tkpsu | 2005-03-23 15:15 | @Portland

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