NBA game !!!!

It was the first time to watch the NBA game; Portland – New York. My good friend Clint took me the Rose Garden, and we bought two only $10-tickets. Though it was rain tonight also, there were a great number of audiences, 15,000 and more. For the first time Blazers won against Nicks 103-96(maybe) in the nine games. Clint said to me that he just watched the first-time game in this year @ home game, so u r luck, lol. From now I can go there by myself by riding the MAX, train, additionally free train.

Before the game we went to the Lloyd Center, one of big malls in Portland. We can ice skating there,lol. I’ve never been to such a huge one I’ve ever. They have even three shoes shops. I’d like to have a basketball shoes, especially and 1. I know this city born the most famous sports maker, NIKE, but if possible I need that one. Second, we visited the NIKE factory, outlet store. They have much cheaper shoes, bags, shirts, balls and wristbands, for instance.

After da game we got the Blazer’s coupon, which can give one taco. We bought them and went back to Montgomery w/ Clint. He was surprised at the size of my studio,lol. He compared mine w/ Riku’s, Epler. We chatted about b-ball. That’s fun.


  by tkpsu | 2005-03-26 19:00 | @Portland

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