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I had the first-time class; ESL and theme class, or social science. We just have started TNP. First, ESL class is very enjoyable because the teacher, Carey, is kind enough for us to make the class comfortable.

After school I went to the Rose Garden to watch NBA and tonight Blazers faced Washington Wizards. Like last Saturday I bought a ten-dollar ticket and looked for my seat. I know how difficult to watch the game from this seat, however, and so switched the better one, lol. That was illegal.

It was at 10 pm that I was home. Because Keiko’s secret birthday party was held at Riku’s room, I went there. We discussed how to surprise her, finally played some acts that Misa, Shou, and Hyui went somewhere by car to buy some gifts for birthday girl but unfortunately they were crashed and transferred to the hospital. After hours Misa called Riku to announce him what happened. On the other hand, Keiko was informed by Riku, surprised and supposed to cry out. There were in Riku’s room me, Clint, Riku and Nori. The serious mood was on the air and will be, we thought. The next moment Misa and other guys came up in the Riku’s room, holding the birthday cake, lit up by 20 candles and made by Misa. Keiko seemed to be confusing, may relax and broke into cry. It’s just on 0:00 am, that is, “Happy birthday!” And we drank a lot.

I came home at 3:00 am, lol. It can be the first big memory in Portland. I had a nice time with new friends who are Japanese, lol.

授業がスタートしました。ESLのクラスは楽しめる感じですが、正直Social ScienceはさすがUSの大学と行った感じの授業です。でも頑張るしかないです。


  by tkpsu | 2005-03-28 20:00 | @Portland

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