Opened the new bank account !!

I appreciated the theme class, Humanity from 2:00 pm. The professor spoke easily to catch. I sat down next to Yu, who plan to take this class. The prof explained the autobiography. He bought the specified texts; Jacob and Hideki Yukawa. I had a pretty nice impression for this class.

I went to the Wells Fargo, one of big American banks, with Yu, a friend of TNP in order to open the new bank account. The bank assistant was so kind that we could persuade to open it easily. In my case I’ll get the bank card by 11, April here. This account was special one for student, that the maximum deposit amount is limited by $1000. Its amount is not at all because I consider American society credit-card one.

After opening we went to the NIKE town and Lloyd Center which has at least four shoes shops. I bought a new basketball shoes, And 1, in the one of them, Foot Locker. We can ride a streetcar and MAX to Lloyd.

We went back home after a kind of dinner.

ついにUSの銀行口座を作った。でもSocial Security Numberがないから、一定のランクまでしか作れなかった。実際、クレジット社会が普及してるUSではCashが不要では?との声も聞かれる。まぁこれもいい経験だね。

その足で、Lloyd Centerまで行って、And 1のバッシュをたった$70でゲット☆これこそイイ買い物だね。

Theme classはすんごいタフだけど、そのうち教授の行ってることがわかってくることを願って、履修することにした。

今夜も雨・・・・ 1日で降らない瞬間がないくらい、雨が好きなポートランドより

  by tkpsu | 2005-03-29 22:00 | @Portland

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