Seven days has passed quickly.

This morning also ESL started from 8:50 am, lol. The class room changed ‘caz the former had some noise and were a little bit small. Today we talked about prewriting, clustering, freewriting and so on when we write an essay. I hope three-times-a-week ESL grew my English up.

One I have to do today was to submit the vacation form that I’d like to move out from Montgomery and a transfer application that to move to Broadway. Thus I got decide to move out on May 1st, Sun. This moving will be tough for me by myself, so I asked Riku to help this weekend. Fortunately he approved my troublesome desire, thank u, Riku.

The Social Science class was so exciting and interesting. About 35 students, including TNP, joined it, but only normal PSU student took the floor, lol. We’ll talk about Orientalism & Occidentalism for this term by two professors. I think in March & April it is difficult to catch the point or make sense in the class. I try to keep studying without giving it up.

After school I went to the cellar phone shop, cingular in an effort to pre-paid $40 for April. Thus I can call 450 minute anytime, unlimited minute from mobile to mobile, and 5000 minute night & weekend. Additionally, if I have unused minutes, I can rollover them, that is, keep them. This system of American is more organized and convenient for consumers than that of Japan.

An’ then I watched the third-time NBA game that welcomed a guest, Huston Rockets. T-mac got 26 points in only 27 minute and Yao Ming 27 in 28. Wow. They beat Blazers.



  by tkpsu | 2005-03-30 23:01 | @Portland

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