Last day of March....

I joined two classes; prep-TOEFL and Humanity. As soon as I got up, I hurried up without breakfast, of course. In the TOEFL class we aim at 530 (CBT; 197) and study about TOEFL for this term. If you got that score, you don’t have to take it anymore from summer term. We got the really thick text and were surprised at it. Our teacher is another ESL one, Glen Zimmerman, having two little angels, or kids I heard from Nanae. Last year he invited his students to BBQ home party.

As soon as this class finished I tried to install that TOEFL CD-ROM. However, whenever I tried it, the error message appeared on the screen. I gave up it and made up my mind to search how to solve this problem on the Internet. However again, it also cannot find the answer.

I joined theme class, Humanity with my heart disappointed. Since I have to take which class in this term, Humanity or Social Science, I thought well and got decide to take S.S. The main reason is the environment during class is more confident and interesting. I suggest it not good to speak a little bit ill of Japan by Professors although.



こっちにいてJPNのNewsを知るには、Netしかない。でも今日Net Workがしっかりしてきて、誰もが助かってる。人間、すげぇ~って思う。 


  by tkpsu | 2005-03-31 17:45 | @Portland

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