I enjoyed tonight too !!!

I asked Kina, one of TNP students, to go somewhere w/ Takuya, I said to myself that I wanna go to the Nob Hill again, although. When we arrived there, I got the call from Clint. He wished he joined us, so certainly I invited him together. On the way to MAX, we visited to the Buffalo Exchange, used clothing shop, and bought two items; T & Y shirts. My sense in shopping @Tokyo is coming back, and I’d like more and more, lol.

After short shopping we had small dinners in the Pioneer Place. There we met two guys, Moto and Yoshiki. To my surprise, Clint got on the same MAX, the carriage differed although. It was my four-tome NBA here. Denver Nuggets beat Blazers. We were excited so much and went home.

Because Kina does home stay, I & Clint took her to the next station, Lloyd Center. We got in his car in Safeway to buy something to eat for tmrrw’s breakfast after saying good-bye to her.

今日は珍しくTNP生を誘って遊んだ。きな、たくや、良樹、モト、途中からクリントが加わり、NBAに行った。またぁ~??って思ってる人もいると思うけど、Blazers目当てじゃなくって、Visitor目当てだから!今夜の相手はWizards。今年Eastでプレーオフをほぼ射程圏にいれているチーム。GのG.Arenas & L.Huqhes & J.Dixon & S.Blakeが見たかった。さすがにEast上位につけてるだけあって、強かった。


残り少ないシーズンで、一番見たいのがFri. Apr. 8のKings戦♪Webberがまだいれば、もっと最高だったんだけど・・・

とまぁ、NBA話はそれくらいにして、ちょっと慣れてきた生活に追い討ちをかけるように、今夜から「Daylight Saving」いわゆるサマータイムの始まり。時差ぼけも完全に抜けた直後の1時間の損・・・。大変な国た、と改めて実感した。


  by tkpsu | 2005-04-02 22:10 | @Portland

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