I'll have no class every Tuesday after workshop.

I took only one of free workshops, sponsored by the Student Resource Fee, Student Affairs Educational Equity Programs and Services, Skills Enhancement and Tutoring Center. Two Indian Students joined too, studying abroad for one year.

Although we learned about how to write an essay, I was surprised at the difference between the way in Japan how to write it and that in India. In Japan we learn the process that the beginning of essay is a topic sentence, the middle one is body, and then conclusion like American. In India, however, you need to develop your essay more after conclusion. If you draw this process, it’ll be like hourglass, two triangles.

基本的に、火曜は授業がない。というのも、当然のことで、TNP生が履修できる科目はESLとTheme Classに限られているからだ。Mon&WedのTheme Classを履修した結果、火曜がポカンと開いたのだ。まぁ、これが金曜でないだけましである。図書館にこもって、勉強していれば良いんだし。

明日はNBAに行く計画。main GameのSacrament Kings戦を金曜日に控えた自分の中での前哨戦。とは言うもののWarriors戦は意外に楽しみ。

  by tkpsu | 2005-04-05 21:02 | @Portland

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