One Dream Came True !!

After ESL I have a supporting talk about Social Science produced by Jef & Will, PSU Students, at Ondine, one of dorms. We talked about definition assignments and spend effective time to make sense about them. For instance, the orientalism, dichotomize, essentialize, hermeneutics, epistemology, discourse, and etc.

I went to the Rose Garden to watch my favorite team, Sacrament Kings at 3:30 pm. Although I bought the $130-seat, I couldn’t get in the arena till 5:30. I spent two more hours w/ Kina at Lloyd Center. I got her missed-call before arrival at Rose Garden. When I called back to her, she seems to be in there, I got decide to go there.

When time has come, I went back there and find my special seat that was the best one among last five seats in Portland. I tried to give players’ signatures, of course, of Kings. I have waited for them on the second row that Blazers’ stuff decided. Unfortunately, my favorite player, #10 Mike Bibby did not practice, while #52 Brad Miller & #24 Bobby Jackson did. When they were leaving the court for the locker room, I reached my arm at them as much as possible. However, I missed’em, on the other hand, #00 Greg Ostertag, 7-2 tall player, gave me the first signature, that’ll be my pressure. I took lots of pictures aiming at Kings, but my digital camera sucked.

One of my dreams at Portland was achieved tonight. Frankly speaking, I prefer Philadelphia 76ers to Kings. #3 Allen Iverson is my most respectable player. His style against Mom, Family, Basketball, Friends and Society gave me the feeling of respect.

ホントに素敵な夜だった。液晶を通してでしか見れなかったNBA Playerが手の届く位置にいる。しかも、あわよくばサインをしてくれる。なんて素晴らしいんだ。試合中なんか、本人の声さえ耳に届く。フツーに恰好イイ。USの子供がNBAに憧れるのも分からないでもない。

故障者リストに入っていて今夜プレーできなかった#24Bobby Jackson。彼は昨年の6th Man Awardの受賞者。しかし今シーズンはケガで12月からプレーできていない。そんな彼がおもむろにShooting練習をしていると、すっごいおじーちゃんがBobbyにアドバイスしていました。彼は抵抗することなく、名匠(←いや、名匠に違いない)の言葉を聞き入っていた。正直感心した。NBAは先にも言ったように、世界最高峰のトッププレーヤーでさえ、名匠の言葉を親身に聴いている姿を、想像していなかった。やっぱり、何かのトップに立つ人は、「自分を向上させるために、人の言うことも真剣に聞く」んだなぁ、と改めて思い知らされた。




  by tkpsu | 2005-04-08 23:11 | @Portland

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