Shopping at adidas ♪

I got up at 12:00am and had both breakfast and lunch at the same time, lol. Finally, I got my new PSU account under the SMUM. I went to shopping to Adidas shop for new black shoes by riding streetcar and NORDSTROAM Rack for cushion and sandal.

After shopping I watched Japanese most poplar film, ‘Totoro.’ I studied in the library till Misa’s call to have dinner w/ her & Riku.

At 9:00pm we rode my first-time bus to Kohji-Osaka-ya, Japanese restaurant. Riku came here after talking about his fashion event. OK. Let’s talk about his current busy life, lol.

First of all, he is doing an internship at the magazine company, People. He must plan some events as his assignment. Next week the fashion show will be held, featuring w/ some shops, Adidas shop, etc. Although a guy was named as a team leader, he does not work at all, Riku said. Thus he had only to start working by himself.

Second, his major is Business of senior level, that is, he will graduate PSU in fall term. After his internship he must find job for his life, certainly. He asked me to go to the career event at Boston this October together. Many Japanese companies will participate it, introduce those who are finding job.

That is why he was sending busy lifestyle.


  by tkpsu | 2005-04-12 18:31 | @Portland

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