Not Broadway !!

I changed my mind about moving out. Primarily, my plan was to move out here, Montgomery on May 1st to Broadway, the newest dorm at PSU. In fact, I have submitted the vacate apartment sheet last month and the rest is only to decide the room in Broadway. Today I went to the Housing Office to confirm the room and view it. There were three choices for me; 1033, 10th floor, 358 or 473. Once I checked the view of 1033, but it was narrower I heard from Riku. Additionally, its view was not so good, seeing only mountain and freeway. If 1033 had faced the side of downtown, my mind may not have changed.

After viewing I went back to the Office, I asked a nice guy, Bruce? I couldn’t catch clearly his name, that he might hold 1033 for me. Then, he smiled and said to me, “OK. It’s due to tomrrw 3:00. All rite?” Of course, I replied yup. But, fortunately I got the good info that Epler has only one empty room, 521. There is where Riku, Keiko, Misa and Hyui live, and 521 stands just above Misa’s. It was 0:40pm that I left the Office. I gave both Riku and Keiko call shortly after leaving. I was really and really confusing which dorm is good for me. According to Riku, it’s a special rare case that Epler has extra room.

As soon as I had lunch at home and I think a little bit, I went there again to apply the transfer sheet to Epler, $555/m. I was so happy.

12月までの生活を占う、新居(新寮)選び。出来たばかりのBroadwayを狙っていたが、実際、空きがあるのは3つしかなかった。←Housing OfficeのHP参照。Broadwayに8割方意思は傾いていたが、現実はそれほど甘くなかった。部屋を下見にいったのだが、思った以上に狭く、そして何より暗かった。床&壁がコンクリートであることが少なからず影響していただろう。そのとき「これなら、Eplerの方がイイ」という邪念が芽み始めた。


  by tkpsu | 2005-04-13 19:08 | @Portland

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