PHI Beat MIA!! - special good news.

After prep-TOEFL class I was waiting for Yuki, Waseda Oregon Officer, ‘caz I have to pay for rent of both Montgomery and Epler. Additionally, I paid for the transfer fee at Broadway.

I took a nap for a while and joined Language Exchange. Then, I met Steven, being interested in Japanese and studying it. I watched DVD film, Lupin the 3rd and Naucika of Windy Villege.

I went to the Rose Garden, seven-time game. Dallas Marvelicks beat POR, while PHI beat MIA, 126-119 OT. I gave Cameron call to ask to take a photo, lol. He remembered me, he met me once although. He came up to me, greeted and shook hands before the game. He is a pro-photographer of fashion, sports and art. He graduated the university in Oregon and went to the same high school as Clint, James and Kyle.

I am watching another film, Kiki’s Delivery Service. I gave call to Keiko for more than 30 minutes, talking about her absence and her favorite film.

Tmrrw I’ll finish the class by noon, so I plan to buy some plants for my new room.

今日は物事が全てスムーズに働いた。NBAをいつものように見に行くと、何故か試合が7:45 pmから始まった。普段は7:00なのだが。会場入直後に、Cameronに電話し、ちょっと話していた。Dallasの#41 Dark Nowizkiの写真をお願いした。

試合までの間、モニターでmy PhilyのGameがやっていた。3Qだったが、様相は厳しかった。PhilyはHomeであるが、Miamiに負けるとの世間の見方。しかし#3がOTにまでもつれ込ませると、流れがもうPhily!!!シーズン終了間際のプレーオフ圏内の大事な試合で見事に勝利を収めた。


  by tkpsu | 2005-04-14 23:23 | @Portland

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