Well done.

I went shopping to ROSS around downtown this noon to get some items in both & kitchen. After purchase I gave call to resident assistant of Montgomery to check out there.

After checking-out, only writing paper, I played b-ball from 1 thru 4. Today few players joined, but I enjoyed it. One thing I was sad is that I forgot my head band, lol.

It was the first time to cook here, rather in Portland. Ramen w/ fried vegetables I cooked was not bad. I organized my room, especially lots of materials. Since I lent my TV to Koji, TNP student, I got it again.

The first sad incident happened. I can’t see CVTV at all. Then, the princess appeared, that is, Keiko helped me to do set-up.
The second happened unfortunately. Misa & Riku knocked my room once, and went out of and I got lockout. They laughed at me. I called RA to let me enter my room again.

I watched NBA on TV tonite and went to bed.

ロックアウトされた。部屋に鍵を忘れた状態で、部屋を出たわけね。 そのあとどうなったか、自分が悲しくなるので、割愛します(泪)。


  by tkpsu | 2005-04-17 06:00 | @Portland

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