A Liite Bit Neat Room.

During lunch time I came up to Carey to ask about the vocabulary assignment after class. The circumstance is that I had better rewrite about importance of using new words for the first time.

After SS, I went shopping to Office Depot Riku taught me w/ Kina. It located near Pioneer Square northern two-block away. I got a pen box and book racks.

I cooked dinner and ate Keiko’s Madeleine. She have more assignments than I, though, she would cook them in order to forget her heavy packages. It was very lucky for me to eat lots of sweets.

OK. I’ll talk about how to get the news, especially economic, of Japan. First of all, I make the habit of checking NIKKEI NET because the internet setting is to lead this page first. For I must start finding job after this studying-aboroad program.

日本にもある「Office DEpot」に行った。部屋の、文具の整理をする目的でね。入り口のわりに、広くてビックリ。そこでTVのリモコンを買い、念願の遠隔TV操作を手に入れた。スピーカーも目に留まった。$30-でたぶんJPNでも使えるタイプのBase付きのもの。でも今日は荷物が多くなったので、後日に回した。



  by tkpsu | 2005-04-18 14:28 | @Portland

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