New Life Again On 2nd Stage.

I got the speaker at Office Depot at 10am earlier than every Tuesday when it is off. It cost $29.99, making my room like a tiny club, lol.

I went home on the way to Safeway and had lunch in my room. I gave call to Nori, taking me to the South. I bought a microwave oven and some kitchen items. I was home at 5pm. It was good purchase.

When I turn on the new speaker at louder, a neighbor, who is also for Keiko, Korean gets angry and strikes a wall, she said to me. I have no idea why he did something strange instead of student too.
I took a TOEFL by my PC with scary mind against neighbor,lol..

朝一スピーカーを買いに行った。ものの5分もお店にいなかったと思う。電光石火の如く買い物を済ませた。オレの買い物は、事前にモノを探し、一晩考えて、買うとココロに決めたものは迷わず買う方針だ。もちろん例外もある。ビビっときたものは、即買い。いわゆる衝動買い。でも新天地USではこの方針が通用しない。というのも、ご存知、「物価」の違い。だって、考えるヒマもなく、安いんだもんw てことで、留学が終わるまでこの方針は、封印することにした。


  by tkpsu | 2005-04-19 09:08 | @Portland

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