I Grew Up, lol.

I stayed up late till 3:30am for assignment and got up at 7. I printed it out before class and submitted it on time.
Today’s class has supporting Social Science; we discussed Japanese Women, Propaganda and Japanese Business style. Of course, it was a key point how they were related w/ Orientalism.

Then I gave one idea; “Everything is always not true at all.” Because everything I don’t know is informed through some medias; newspaper, radio, TV, film, picture and song.

Our SS professor showed some posters for informing the Orientalism. They are strange and funny and didn’t show a real Japan, particularly cinema poster I’ve never heard/seen

Tonight I planed to go to the Rose Garden ‘caz it was the last season game; vs LAL. Everybody knows how crowded it is, thus they prepared for their tickets. Thai is there are few tickets we can buy today. Fortunately, during lunch Chihiro gave me two tickets, so I have my guarantee to watch the last game w/ someone.
I went there at 6:30pm w/ my friends, TNP students. However, the cheapest seats were sold out. Then I got the biggest decision to give these two to friends. I really wanted to watch it but I thought it was the best way for us.

After shopping at Safeway I went to Keiko’s room. We cooked ‘French toast.’ For the firs time it was quite sweet in 30 days.


でも試合はなぜか、ブレーザーズが勝っちゃうし・・・ KOBE観たかったなぁ~。

  by tkpsu | 2005-04-20 11:04 | @Portland

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