The Worst Stereotype.....

My spring has not come yet. I took TOEFL today noon, but the score will be a little bit short. In order to arrive on time I left home at 10:30am. Either fortunately or unfortunately, I found the test center earlier than I expected. That broke my plan. Fxxk! However, I don’t give it up and first booked a next TOEFL, 17th, May.

I bought a small pot on the way to home and cooked Omelet rice for dinner.

BTW Japan was shaken by the big train accident. This Driver often seems to make a mistake, and is 23 years old since he has worked for just eleven months. He had big mistakes three times during training. This train stopped over about 40 m, or 27 mile at former station before accident. Thus he really hurried up, reaching at the higher speed than usual, 60 mile/h.
Not only western Japan but eastern had the same kind of accident I don’t know well, but it seemed to happen at Ibaraki prefecture. Thus, Japan became nuts. I don’t wanna go back home right away.

The United States was more dangerous than Japan, they said. For instance, Gun, Sex and Ganger gave them these images. Certainly it is true, but Japan is also dangerous, I think. Although I’ve lived here for 30 days, I’ve never seen the first factor. Both US and Jap TV often broadcaster brutal news; murder, kidnap, highjack, car chaise. I conclude that Jap who consider US dangerous have no right to say that. Think about it again through seeing the real US w/ their eyes.



日本人の多くはゼッタイと言っていいほど「USは危険!」とレッテルを貼って、断固としてそれを変えようとしない。なんでこんなイメージが抱かれたのだろうか。昨日言った「Discourse  produced Stereotype.」が物語っている。ぁ~ヤダヤダ、この考え。自分の目で、肌で、体験してからモノを言えってぇ~の!!


  by tkpsu | 2005-04-26 07:22 | @Portland

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