♪Maroon 5♪

Maroon 5 came here to make da concert at Memorial Center next to Rose Garden. In fact, I was surprised at the lack of audience, lol. There were lots of free seats instead of 15 minutes before opening. Two bands performed their music as pre-band, although, da second, The Thrills, was pretty good for me.
Grammy Award lit up at last and played approximately twelve songs; This Love, Sunday Morning, Sweetest Goodbye, Tangled, Must Get Out, Secret, Hello covered from Oasis, etc. The best performance was keeping till 10:15pm, letting everybody go to the Haven, lol. I have been to Live only once even in Japan. I was so lucky that it is the first time to do that here, besides really really fortunately, of Maroon 5 I love.

After ESL this morning I had lunch at home and took a nap by 3pm. My plan was to study till NBA, 5pm. I went to Riku’s room to watch together. Suddenly he caught several calls, getting decided to go to da Live. I was so confused that I couldn’t explain the circumstance to Keiko,lol. Finally she didn’t join us since neither did Misa nor Huey.

As you know I have a presentation assignment, so I need a presentation soft, Power Point. Though it is illegal, I borrowed da copy from Keiko and installed my PC. Congratulation!! My task became easier to do.

奇跡♪何も知らなかった。リクの部屋でたまたまNBAを見ようと思ったら、ちひろからtelがきて、あのGrammyのMaroon 5がRose Gardenに来てるって言うじゃんかぁ~。しかもなんで、チケットが余ってるんだよ。正直彼らが可愛そうになった。だって、あのGrammyだよ。もう奇跡としか言いようがない。一緒に行ったリクとは、わずか15分で行動に移した。我ながらすさまじい行動力。
運も味方につけた。6:00pmにEplerを出ると、偶然Busが来ていて、Pioneerまで。降りて、MAXに乗ろうとすると、目当てのBlue Lineが偶然お目見え。すんなりとチケットを手に入れ「Floor」が余っていることにまたも驚いた。Liveは文句なし。前座のThe Thrillsというバンドも気に入り、早速CDを手に入れた。Amazon.comにトライしてみた。リクも「安全だよ、信用できる」と太鼓判。Maroon 5の「This Love」は会場が一体となり、鳥肌が立った。帰りの混雑を予想して、アンコールの1曲目が終わる直前に会場をあとにした。ちひろの話によると、アンコールは2曲しかせず、ここでも偶然が働いた。帰りのMAXも偶然来て、すんなり。さすがにここまで来たら、帰りのBusもちょっと期待するようになっていた。

  by tkpsu | 2005-04-29 15:05 | @Portland

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