Motivation of Job Hunting.

Today’s classes were easy ‘caz I had only to sit down. I mean, I did discuss da presentation and watch da movie. Exhaustion fall me in dream, that is, take a nap.

During lunch time Mr. Glen correct my paper, fortunately. He was kind enough to spend time talking about my assignment for a while. SS professor said we have da second chance to rewrite and hand in it.
What I have to do today is to borrow DVD, Hoosiers, form Ari for Extra Credit. This film is about high school basketball team, so it will be easier for me to understand and summarize it.
I’ll talk about da difference between da forms of DVD soft. I mean, there are two types of DVD; da type 1 is made in US, while da 2 is in Japan. My lab top is also made in Japan, playing only type 2 DVDs. If I try to watch a type 1, I can change a user type only once; from 2 into 1. On the other hand , I’ll be unable to watch type 2. I’m serious. I really wonder why these situations are going. Da modern technology would solve it. Anyway I don’t have to worry about it ‘caz I can watch DVD from Ari, lol.


  by tkpsu | 2005-05-02 16:26 | @Portland

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