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There are lots of birthdays in May, lol. Today is of Clint. I have to present him something special. Anyway, I skipped my workshop class, TOEFL. During class I took CD-TOEFL at home till Kina & Moeko came here to chat or have lunch. They stay w/ host family, but plan to move out & in a dorm. Kina is wondering which is better, here or Ondine.

The number to touch my PC is increasing recently, lol. Several reasons are to type assignments, to keep dailies on-line, or to chat w/ friends in Japan or here, especially w/ Keiko,lol. She lives two doors next to me, but I keep contact w/ her everyday, lol. It’s a funny situation. Our chat is about from ‘Can I borrow sult&papper?’ to ‘Let’s go shopping.’lol.

I went to eat w/ Clint, Kyle and girls at TODAI in Pioneer Place. Those whose birthday is today don’t have to pay anything. This customer service is like Asian Kitchen in Tokyo. They will give us a huge puff if we go there on someone’s birthday. It’ll cost $30-, lol. When you guys r in Tokyo, you should go there and check’t out.

I made a friend when I joined da language exchange. She is from Germany and major in Designer, additionally minor in Japanese. She said she’s learned English since junior high school, but I felt that she’s not good at it well. I was a little surprised. For the first time I spoke German in three months.lol.




  by tkpsu | 2005-05-05 16:48 | @Portland

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