Kinds of Americanization.

I missed other presentations ‘caz I was a little late. One of groups present about same-gender marriage in US. It is partly normal here, while completely abnormal in Japan. I wonder why it appeared. This topic would remain controversial.

I took a walk to SE to find a used furnish shop. However, in addition I couldn’t find it, I got Riku’s call to play b-ball at gym from 4 thr 6pm. I went shopping to Jcrew in Pioneer Place to buy a gift for Clint. Finally, I chose a yellow nit tie and I want one more. This gift will be useful when he stay at Japan and wear a suit-jacket.

It was the first time for me to play at small gym located downstairs. There were 15 guys enjoying b-ball. The more I join b-ball, the more make friends, I realized. Thanks to joining, I have some b-ball friends. I really really love b-ball. When time is over, I went upstairs to look valley ball w/ Riku & Chihiro. To my surprise, Keiko also seemed to join guys. I took a shower at home shortly after playing.

I had a dinner, pasta w/ boiled vegetables and became stuffed. I watched a family film, Monster’s, Inc. w/ Heuy, Misa & Keiko from 1:30am to 3. It was funny, cute and miserable that we watched chatting about some scenes. It was easy to understand the details w/out English subtitle.



このストーリーを知っている人は分かると思うが、これは、モンスターの世界が舞台になっていて、寝ている子供を驚かせ、そのときに出る悲鳴をその国の動力源にしている。その国のトップモンスターコンビ、サリーとマイクが子供を元の世界へ返す奮闘振りを描いた作品。サリーなどの、驚かす役側のモンスターたちの姿が、Americanizeってわけ。街の道路や、街灯、車、なんかも全てそう言える。まぁ、USのFilmだし、USの会社(Wolt Disney and PIXER)が製作してるから仕方ないんだけど、こんなところからも、Stereotypeが生まれるんだなぁって実感した。

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