None should enter inside!!

Although I was tired, I played b-ball at gym from 1 thr 2 pm. Professor Readon’s home party was held for TNP students near Beaverton from 3 to 7 pm. To my surprise, first of all, he is a vice president of PSU. Four teachers totally joined us; Prof. Readon & Doctor. Uris for Social Science, Glen for ESL, one for Humanity. We had really really enjoyed ourselves for a couple of hours. There are three living rooms in his home, giving lots of interesting topics we talk about. They were from about eating during class, about his house rebuilt by himself, and to from about careers for each teachers.
I miss Japan’s bus. I love their best punctuation in da world. American bus suck, making some guys waiting for a long time, sometimes over 60 minutes. There are pretty good transportations here, though, I hope they were on time.

I talked about happiness gone away by sigh w/ Keiko midnight. Whenever she sighed, I warned her, ‘breath now.’ Certainly, as u know, a sigh is not good. While, happiness is one I manage to grub, I believe. Some guys may say it is fate. Anyway I can’t feel the existence of it now.

森で熊に襲われないようにするには、「音」を出すこと。でもこれは熊のある「空間」でしか効果がない。危険度の高さによって熊は自分の空間の範囲を3つに分けている。 ◎ ←このカタチがそれに当たる。もちろん中心に、熊がいると仮定する。外枠よりも遠い空間は、熊も人間を全く警戒しないし、自分(熊)を襲おうとする者だ、という認識もない。しかし、一度外枠の中に入ると、事態は急変する。熊からしてみれば、自分の空間を侵されたと思い、侵入者を外枠の外部へ追い払おうとする。その方法は様々。鳴いてみたり、人前に姿を出してみたりする。でも後者はあまり見られない。というのも、人が熊を押される以上に、熊は人を恐れているからだ。だから、たいていの熊は自分が動いて、つまり円の中心が動くことで、人を外枠の外へ追い出そうとする。この空間で、「音」は効果を発揮する。音に気づいた熊は、中心をズラそうとしてくれ、人と熊が遭遇することはない。


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