One Film one week♪

For da first time I went to da cinema here, Pioneer Place Stadium located in downtown. I watched ‘Kingdom of Heaven’, giving me lots of things. First of all, since my English skill is not good, please forgive me if I understand a wrong story. Da difficulty to control a country where there are many kinds of religion; Catholic, Jewish, Islam, and Muslim. Unfortunately there are fewer knights than that of an enemy. Besides, it must be hard to raise citizens into like knights at the end of film.

To my surprise, there were only nine guys in da theater whose regular number is more than 200. However it was quite comfortable for me ‘caz I like to watch movie silently. I wanna to watch movie in as beautiful theater as possible and so I don’t wanna go anywhere, nothing but ‘Roppongi Hills.’ Fortunately, there were so beautiful and quiet as my lover in Japan.

I’ll talk about price. As you know, it’ll cost student only $6- to watch a movie, on the other hand in Japan ¥1500-, approximately $15-, each movie for student. It is pretty expensive. I’ve been to da theater many many times there, I mean I love movie as part of culture. Such a cinema lover did today for da first time, I couldn’t believe my both eyes and ears. I wanna keep going there from now whenever any film I’m interested in is coming.

Finally, I'll pick up words I learned today. "Do Your Own Thing" and "Go Against The Grain" are like Individualism. Additionally, we explained two Japanese; "和" and "義理". It was a little bit hard to do against foreigners. They are like obligation, 'should.'

ようやく映画好きのオレがこっちで、映画館で映画を見た。観たのは、今話題の「Kingdom of Heaven」。拙い英語での解釈なんで、詳細には自信ありませんw。でも、映像で伝わるモノはあります。でも、「The Lord of the Rings」には、さすがに劣るなって思いました。確かに主役のOrlando Bloomはイケメン、PrincessのEva Greenはカワイイ。でもストーリー性がイマイチだった。


  by tkpsu | 2005-05-11 15:26 | @Portland

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