Want Sweats More!!!!!!!!

I did not skip today, lol, in spite I went to bed at 4am. After class I speak to Carey about my Extra Credit. I decide to present about changing rules of basketball thr ‘Hoosiers’ I chose. To finish today’s ESL means to enjoy weekends, but I have nothing special, to be honest, lol.

Since I stay here, I left for downtown; Nordstrom Rack & Fred Meyer. There I got a fashionable square-shaped sunglass and bay leaves for cooking. It was at 4 pm that I was home, so watched NBA. However, I had my hair cut ‘caz it was boring, lol.
I cooked a Japanese pancake, Okonomiyaki. Da taste was so so, lol.

I had nothing special in evening. I typed an essay about extra credit in few pages. Although I arrived here March 23rd and have written some essays, I’m poor at it yet. There are, my teacher said, lots of ideas in my both mind and essay. I am writing’em carefully to focus on a specific thesis.




  by tkpsu | 2005-05-13 05:55 | @Portland

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