Alive or Dead !?

I ate a boiled meat, Kakuni, cooked by Misa who was busy for her assignment although. After watching a football game, Heuy also came to Keiko’s room to have a dinner together. We watched a Japanese variety TV, Ronha-, Misa rented today w/ our mouth full. It was at 0:00 am that we finished it.

Except for Kakuni, I had nothing special, that too bad, lol. Where’s my interest? I try to remember what my interest is in Japan. In order to make money I usually work as a shop assistant, that is a part time job. After school I play b-ball w/ my circle-friends, like club. When I wanna go shopping, I do that to Shinjuku, Shibuya, Harajiku, and Daikanyama. When I wanna watch a movie, I go to a theater even by myself. Sometimes I have a date w/ a girl.

Talking about my circle, whose name is White Innocence we call Whynot, they are young, 4-year-old group. Today there are 7 senior, 23 junior, 20 sophomore and lots of freshman I don’t recognize. Since I came here, I didn’t take part in a welcoming-ceremony. It was a main key for our future, whether we are dead or alive. I’m pretty proud of my best friends who are also junior. I wanna thank guys to keep and develop Whynot. Additionally, I’m looking forward to seeing new faces this December.





  by tkpsu | 2005-05-14 12:55 | @Portland

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