Depend on Children !!

For da first time I saw Waseda University in 100 days. Social Science class showed us two school ceremonies; PSU commencement and Waseda entrance ceremony. The professor wanted us to learn da differences between them. First of all, a commencement held at Rose Garden was quite informal. Da speech of president made guys laugh, for instance. On the other hand, one of Waseda was really stylized and boring. Second, we discussed a national flag. PSU showed it, while Waseda didn’t. It is much related w/ political issues, a professor said. I don’t know why Waseda didn’t display a national flag, although I went to an attached high school w/ Waseda. Then we sung a song, in fact.

A next topic we talked about is a status of Waseda. When focusing on an economical part, we stand on a higher in a middle class. We can explain by da price of exam to enter. We took some exams we paid for approximately $300-application fee each department. Additionally, most took not only Waseda but other universities. PSU is cheap, one PSU student said.

Talking about Faculty of both PSU and Waseda, this has few women professors. It was concerned that bout 100% professor graduated Waseda. While, most of PSU Faculty came from Harvard University, professor Readon said.
Finally, we discussed why a birthrate of Japan is decreasing today. The rights of women became stronger than before and it’s like gender equality, I said in class. As he said, it is fact that the age average of women’s marriage is older than decades of years ago. Now it may be 27 or 28 years old, I announced again.

Anyway I think about my country well today, lol.


リードン教授曰く、「2050年までに、日本の若者の人口が、現在の2分の1になる」と言っていた。基本的に、その国家の人口を保つには、「2.1」だけのTFR(Total Fertility Rate)が必要となる。察しの通り、日本の人口低下は目に見えている。人口学の講義では、この問題が、経済に及ぼす景況に結び付けている。当たり前のことだが、人口が減るということは、単純に働く人の数が、減ることを意味し、日本経済をどん底へ突き落とす重要な要因となっている。



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