To Work Abroad is・・・・

I took TOEFL again in order to take PSU general classes Summer Term. MAX took me to East 122nd Ave. I’d like u guys to read about my big mistake in Japanese. Now I’ll talk about last nite on-line chat.

I have a friend from high school who goes to Waseda and now studies abroad to UO located at Eugene. He started his new life from last September and will finish after summer session. We chatted about our future, especially after graduation.

First of all, he is gonna go to da graduate school I guess American’s university although he didn’t mention. I recognized he wanna really study more. I as well as he have such a passion when I’m studying abroad here. It is not too late to find a job after go to da grad school, he said.

In my case, I plan to find a job after my studying-abroad program this December. In Japan it is general that junior student starts to find a job during school, especially from fall later. In another part of my mind, I wanna get MBA of American’s university. However, I don’t want my parents to worry about me anymore in financial. I’m gonna think about my MBA again after entrance to company. I mean I wanna make money for school fees. Additionally, this company has to be world wide. It is one way to not study but work abroad.

19 + 17 = 33 ??

今日Summer Termのために先月のリベンジと称し、TOEFLを受けてきた。先の数字は、そのスコア。合計が59必要で、それを達成すると晴れてPSUのGeneral Classが履修できるという仕組みだ。19(Listening)、17(Reading)の他に10-28(Strudture)を合計すると、46-64。このスコアはそれほど高くない。オレの頭の悪さを象徴している。これを示すのは恥だが、それよりも「可能性」を今日伝えたかった。
19+17=33だろ。だから59-33=26?? キツいなぁ~、無理かも・・・


  by tkpsu | 2005-05-17 13:04 | @Portland

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