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I hate rain here. I’m not sure when it start raining caz American’ weather forecast sucks and are too broad. Japan’s is so accurate that it is easy to go out when it’s not rainy or bad. Certainly America is geographically large, but they don’t have to forecast broadly weather everyday. Portland is geographically a rainy place behind a mountain range. Anyway I hope a rainy season were over as soon as possible.

Keiko got a big decision for not only her but us in Epler. She is gonna take a long break during Fall term; August 13 thr January 4. Although you can notice when reading her web log, she has some excellent plans as a studying abroad student. One of them is a part time job. Since shool fees including own leisure are never cheap, she wanna support as much as possible. Other is to meet lots of friends from preschool, elementary, junior high and high school. Her comeback makes me go back to Tokyo. However, I have to study more here by end of this year without my home.

My passion is up to TOEFL score as I stated yesterday. Now I’m thinking about next quarter. Unless I pass the line, I’m gonna ask strongly professor to listen to da lecture without credits. I’m pretty interested in Econ class here. I wanna study Econ thr English. I know well about da difficulty of summer caz it is only eight weeks long, shorter than spring or fall.

I promise my passion will stay here forever.




けいこがチケットを取った時に、ちょっと気がかりが。オレも早く取らないと。このままじゃ、夏どこもいけないよ。LAへのチケットは、日にちも決まりあとは、詳しい時間だけなのだが、8月下旬から行く欧州のチケットが、まだ手探りの状態。明日にでも、近くにあるSTA Travelに行って相談してみよう。ネットで予約できる世の中だが、人と直に話すのが一番理解できる。よしっ、決めた。明日行くぞ!

  by tkpsu | 2005-05-18 13:10 | @Portland

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