Passion of either PSU or Waseda....

I’ve done my extra credit presentation w/ no problem. I talked about changed rules of b-ball, so it’s easy for me to present it. We can see several rules now, such as court size, ball size, 3 point line, Paint zone, shot clock and so forth. Although I can talk just for 3-5 min, I did for 15min long, I guess. At the end of presentation, I announced absolutely da legend’s retirement.

I applied PSU TOEFL at Neuberger Hall after ESL. This test will be held May 26, next Thursday. I planed to visit STA Travel again, but I couldn’t caz of taking a nap and chatting w/ friends.

I went to da International Night but I found fewer interests than I expected. I came back home before a fashion show. Another reason is I wanna watch NBA, lol. When I’m leaving PSU for my home, I planed to go back to enjoy the Night. To be honest, I’m sorry that here is no festival as large as Waseda Festival ( on 1st weekend November). Most, no all PSU students study much harder than Waseda. However they need just a break like such a festival, I believe.

Waseda Festival gathered totally 140 thousand people for two days last year. The Passion of Waseda students was superior to one against the final exams. It is true. Any way I’m looking forward to seeing Passion of PSU.





  by tkpsu | 2005-05-20 17:09 | @Portland

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