Count Down !!

I’ve done my rewrite work, spending six and more hours. It is da 2nd Paper, Final Draft of Social Science. I played b-ball, took a shower, and went to Safeway. The though assignment killed me seriously, lol. When I’ve done it, I wanted to do any more. It was rare for me. I didn’t write this web log, I’m sorry.

However, something sad didn’t always happen. My western lover Spurs beat Suns, 121-114. Brent Berry led da team by his 3 three pointers. The strong team needs sometimes such a Cinderella player. This season-MVP Nash netted 29 and assisted 13 led da Suns, though. The game 2 will be held on Tuesday.

The Europe journey was revived by my dad’s approval. I realize again Dad is much kinder than Mom. Of course, I thank both for pay a not-cheap school fee and worry about me. I’m proud of them as great parents who are supporting completely part of child’s dream. Among his approvals is there I promise to go on the safest trip anywhere. I don’t wanna die right now, lol. I’m gonna care more my life than parents do. When I plan quickly summer and estimate, I have to send e-mail to them.




  by tkpsu | 2005-05-22 10:50 | @Portland

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