Incontestable Trip!

I started searching how much my trip costs. Today I heard from a friend that Student Universe is the most convenient site where we can buy the cheapest air fares. It changed my journey in 180 degree. The first flight was directly from PDX to Paris, France (CDG). The current flight is an indirect way, from PDX to Chicago (ORD), and then to New York (LGA). There I’m gonna stay for a few days to fly from EWR to Paris (CDG). Although it is longer than before, it’ll sound good. I can enjoy a little in NY, and it’ll cost quite less than before. 1st is $ 1171-, while 2nd is $ 707.8-. If I buy tickets for this price, I’ll have fun in NY.

Now I sent e-mal to parents, including the rail fare, hostels, and food. The next step is where I’m gonna stay. I have to decide pretty accurately hostels and what I’m gonna do there at the same time. I’ll use the Eurail pass, riding any 5 days in two months between France, Italy, and Spain I selected. It’ll be so useful that it could take me to da quite far destination thr midnight.

I handed in da 2nd paper, final draft after Glen’s correction at lunch time. When I check my paper again, the smoke alarm broke into ring ten-secondly. I was so confused that I asked her help, da neighborhood. According to Keiko, its sound showed the shortage of a battery, so I had better go to da housing office. I received the new one at Montgomery to re-put it by myself. I’ve done.

I’m gonna go to da 23rd w/ Misa if she misses my promise, lol.

あと鉄道についても詳しく調べる必要がある。Eurail Passがどの程度の範囲まで効果を発揮できるのか、現時点で不透明だから。


Heuyがヒマなら一緒に見れたら面白いなぁ♪って思う。そんな興奮冷めやらぬ試合はESPN2, 2:30pm(ET) Kick off!
UEFA Champions League Final
AC Milan vs. Liverpool FC をお見逃しなく。

  by tkpsu | 2005-05-23 15:17 | @Portland

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