Avoid Wasting Money...

It was the first time to go to 23rd w/ Misa. I love her selections which shops to go, such as shoes shop, silver jewelry, fashionable clothing shop, and finally burrito & taco, lol. Fortunately, it was the sunniest day since I’ve been here, making automatically us go outside. I’ll talk about my way to go shopping in Japan.

First of all, I think what I want; Jeans? Shoes? Bag? Shirts? Jewelry? Glasses? Watch? Hat? Outer-wear? Belt? or whatever. Second, now I start window shopping in either Shinjuku area or Harajuku area including Shibuya & Daikanyama, and rarely Nakameguro. It was essential to keep walking for a couple hours until I become exhausted. As long as time is not over yet, I enter as many shops as possible. I look for and see as many items as pos. The most unique style is not to purchase’em in that day if I meet successfully what I want in one shop or a few. I need to think about them thr night, lol. I get decide to buy’em if I can’t forget’em following all day. When I have/make time, I go there and get quickly.
It is not usual to get something with no desire. However, it is not always caz I’ll lose quickly my money.
Anyway I have to save money for Europe Dream on September.


オレの買い物の1st Stepは、雑誌などで流行をチェックすること。もちろん友達の服装を見たり、TVの芸能人を見て、イイなぁ、と思えば、自分なりに工夫したコーディネートを考える。んでそれに必要なものを求めて買い物へ出かける。



  by tkpsu | 2005-05-24 15:00 | @Portland

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