Luxury after Booking!!

I’ve booked air fares. I’ve done. I was so happy that my dream could come true. In order to avoid that I can’t go on a trip caz I have no tickets a few weeks before the departure, today I got decide. Finally, I booked online thr STA, sending me the confirmation e-mail shortly after my order. All I have to do is to wait these tickets. I’ll show you guys my flight schedules;
『PDX-LGA; Aug 28-Sep 23』
Leaving; United Airlines 6xx + UA 6xx
Returning; UA 4xx + UA 3xx
『EWR-CDG; Sep 1- Sep 21』
Leaving; Air India 1xx
Returning; AI 1xx
*Total cost = $762.92-

The Final has begun at 11:30 am. AC Milan netted da first goal in 60 seconds, finally returned 3 to 0 in da 1st half. It was so exciting although I didn’t think so at the end of 1st half. Liverpool got up later. They gained three goals to tie up. No goal was born during extra time. Liverpool won on Penalties, 3-2.

Social Science class showed current Japanese in downtown. They wear crazy, fashionable, punk styles. The other people consider them strange/unique. Most PSU students in da class would make mistakes that there are lots of Japanese in Japan today. I’ll state this cause. Not Japanese but this magazine was crazy. To collect more strange people is one element to sell more magazines.

ついに動いた。チケットを購入しました。on-lineでの購入は、ちょっと心配だったので、実際にSTA Travelに足を運んで予約してもらう予定だった。部屋で、チケットを調べ、「これしかない!」と思ったFlightは旅行会社では、なぜかBookすることができなかった。なんでだろぉ~♪担当の人も、自分でネットで予約して、とのことだったので、帰宅後すぐに行動に移した。



  by tkpsu | 2005-05-25 16:38 | @Portland

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