Save the Earth!

I just came home after two-hour tough b-ball. I was quite pleased that one guy said to me when my leaving, ’See you, men!’ The rest of guys also said something. All I can do during game, except for playing is to count scores loud. The game point by which we finish and win da game is usually eleven. In both da first and last game is it 15/21. We have no three-pointer, thus when we made from regular three-point line, so we call downtown, we can net two. Inside downtown we can get just one point.

Another difference from Japan is when da ball is out of bounds. Whenever it is, in Japan we restart from that spot. On the other hand, here we restart on da top of da key, or da top on da three-point line. Additionally, that downtown line is shorter than that in Japan, da world size.
Anyway, if there are few guys playing b-ball, we become quickly exhausted. I finished’t at 6 pm. This exhaustion and da crazy heat are killing me. I need an electric fan. Otherwise, I must be dead.

Tmrrw instead of ESL we’ll go to da park ten-minute-bus far from here. I’m not sure what we do there, but we r gonna work as volunteers. One teacher said da forest near that park may still be muddy from all the rain we had, so we had better wear clothes and shoes that we don’t care if they get dirty. I’m a little bit looking forward to it and a little bit don’t wanna to be dirty, lol.




  by tkpsu | 2005-05-26 11:34 | @Portland

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