My Half-Pants !

I went to Goodwill to get da pants, especially for ladies. As u guys feel, recently we have a crazy heat. I need da thin pants, thus I got decide to sew it into da half-pants. I brought da sewing kit from Japan for someday. Time has come. It was at 5 pm that I was home after a purchase. I was working for four straight hours from measuring to sewing. Actually, I really wanted a sewing machine, making it easier to prove my creativity, lol.

From midnight I watched the Forgotten. It was difficult to explain what this story is. One woman had a child, losing him by da plane clash a couple months ago. He was fourteen years old and on the way of a trip. She went to a counselor for her shocked mind. One day she noticed that da album has gone. She asked her husband what he was doing. However, he didn’t do anything. Memories related w/ a boy were disappearing day by day. She started searching who could erase da memory.

Finally, I look forward to going outside w/ an $8-handmade.


夜はまた映画。「The Forgotten」結構面白怖かった。なんとなくストーリーが推理できたのが、ちょっとショック。何だこの結末!、みたいな。今日はあんま書くことないなぁ。

あっ、そうそう、STA Travelからはじかれてたクレジットの支払いも無事に済み、NY-Paris間はチケットが取れた。でもPDX-NY間の支払いの確認が取れていない。ぅ~ん、いつになったら。。。この問題の主な原因は、「日本で作ったクレジットをUSで使う」ことにある。Billing Addressが違ってくるからねぇ。ぁ~めんどくせ。早くチケットを手元に置きたいよ。

  by tkpsu | 2005-05-28 10:40 | @Portland

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