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B-ball was cancelled. What a Fxxk! As soon as I arrived at da gym, I found something strange. Nobody stood inside da Scoot Center. Although I invited three guys to play/join us today, I was so sorry that we couldn’t. My pleasure has gone at da same time. We played da TV game at da Junchan’s room for a while; Winning Eleven. I went to Safeway for dinner and bought meat, snacks, milk etc.

While eating dinner, I watched the Titanic from 7:30 pm to 11:00 pm. It was established in 1997. April, 10, 1912 the Titanic left England for US. The romance between one guy and one lady was broken up by the iceberg, and forever.

A next film is quite mysterious, Cube. Seven men and women were put in on cube. Some cubes have dangerous traps, other is clear. They found out da key word, da number, aiming at goal. After treachery/quarrel someone reached da sunshine, finally.

I’ll talk about the similarity between two different movies. How can they interest us? There are many ways to do so, such as story, actor/actress, reflection, sound, music. The producer tries to sell their films thr these elements. The advertisements also are important if he think a movie is one business style in da huge market. Critical articles of newspapers as well as TV commercials can lead us to da theater.

Now one new drama is gonna start June 10 from TNT. It is directed by Steven Spielberg, being on air for six weeks.

今日はこっちに来て初めての祝日、Memorial Day。何らいいことがない。むしろこの祝日のおかげで、日曜日の楽しみが、来週に持ち越された。今日はTNP生を3人も呼んだのに、バスケができないとは、ホントに彼らに申し訳ない。一気に、することが無くなったw。




  by tkpsu | 2005-05-29 06:26 | @Portland

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