Eternal Beauty!

I tried to pick up my score of PSU TOEFL, but Memorial Day closed da office in Neuberger Hall. Thus my future was postponed into tmrrw. Since I met Yu, TNP student, I went to Safeway together. Although I did buy nothing, I had fun w/ chat.

Though I recently have no energy to cook anything, I did well. I ate Pasta & vegetable soup. I watched Game 4 @San Antonio, NBA West Finals. If Spurs defeats Suns tonite, they can stand on the final stage. Unfortunately, their success depended on Wednesday night. I mean, Suns def. Spurs, 111 to 106.

When I am stuffed, Miss Universe 2005 in Thailand shows me thr NBC at 9:00pm. Many countries took part in it, but I couldn’t find Miss Japan. Several countries went to da next stage; Peru, USA, Israel, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Canada, Puerto Rico, Switzerland, Latvia, Venezuela. Among them I prefer Switzerland, Mexico and Israel. They are so cute, of course.
I’ll talk about Japanese lady. I like them. However, they never win da award. How come? I think the racial stereotype stops the Asian victory. Even the host country, Thailand wasn’t named. After all, a lady USA likes will be Miss Universe. I mean, the biggest sponsor, USA is the decision-making. This event also was Americanized, I concluded.

Finally, Miss Canada is named as Miss Universe.






  by tkpsu | 2005-05-30 09:24 | @Portland

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