Departure for Canada June xx.

I got up at 11am and called on Carey to correct my final essay. After her kind advice I planned to get in Anzen. However the unstable weather stooped me today. I can have time to do everything.

I borrowed da copy of Microsoft Office to give Sae it. She also is one TNP student and gonna use it for da final presentation. How about me? I’ve just prepared for it, completely. All I have to do is wait for da class tmrrw.

Recently I keep listening to Smap, Japanese singer group. I love especially four songs: Orange, Say what you will, One flower, and X’smap. Everybody can see what I’m listening to thr Msn messenger window. I think some guys noticed that I did listen to only four songs, lol.

I researched the travel between Spring and Summer. I’m gonna go on a trip to Vancouver, BC, Canada w/ Riku and Koji, one TNP student. We’ll get there by amtrack, kinda train. Comparing w/ the fares, it’ll be cheaper than that of airplane, $94- to $256- (return trip). Additionally, another I noticed is the fare to Eugene is $40- (r. t.). One friend of mine from high school goes to UO, so I wanna call on him during this break. As I sent e-mail to him, I just wait for his good reply.






  by tkpsu | 2005-06-02 16:57 | @Portland

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