Origin of Fireworks!

I’ve done whole classes today after a presentation. It was not good caz I had little time to talk to u guys. Da last class had only presentations of all students about ads. I think Power Point is quite useful for presentations caz da visual impact is the biggest point. However, there were few students using it. I don’t know why da rest of guys didn’t do that. Anyway, da lecture was over. Another I have left is only rewrite da essay about Occidentalism. This is due to next Monday.

Though I have a party gathering college staffs and held in da campus. I had lots of food like fruits, cookies. This boredom brought me to da gym to play my favorite. Today I have only two hours at da small gym, but I had so fun by playing aggressively w/ tall/tough guys. Something sad happened for me. One tall guy tried to dunk at da side ring, but missed it. He used my ball, leaving for da board. The thumbtack, small pin stung it, getting dead. He spoke to me that he wanted to pay da same worth price for me, not seriously but kidding. I worried seriously if it is true.

After b-ball I left for home and went to Riku’s room to talk about a journey to Vancouver, Canada. We discussed how we get there and what we do there. Yet, he is pretty busy, still. Thus I’ll search briefly such questions.

Chihiro, who is gonna leave here fo Japan two following weeks, gave him da call to invite us to watch da fireworks. It was the first time in last summer, when I went to Sumida River Fireworks. It is the biggest in Japan, where it is well-known for fireworks, one Japanese tradition. There I made a friend, Csand, who goes to Oregon Health & Science University, OHSU. He was kind enough for me to make a promise to take me somewhere I want to visit.

Masa, who goes to Portland Community College, took me and Riku to Karaoke (I’m not sure where it was). Da total six boys and girls drank, sang songs and had very fun. It was at around 4am that I went to bed, finally.





  by tkpsu | 2005-06-03 08:19 | @Portland

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