Nature is around me any time!

One thing I really want was The Killers, Hot Fuss. I went to Borders, book & CD shop in downtown to get it. However, as it’s boring to ride streetcar & Max, I took a walk to there w/ taking pictures. As I said before I love the nature/atmosphere. Whenever I can feel something good, I stop and take a picture. I’ll show u guys part of them later. Additionally, it was so cool to take a walk w/ no thinking about study, lol. I usually listen to music during walking around, especially to go shopping by myself.

At Borders store I did get one b-ball magazine, Hoop, and two CDs, the Killers and Ryan Cabrera. In Japan I like to buy CDs. Although it’s quite easy to get music by friends/internet, I’m a person who wants to hold da real CD to collect and show u guys it. As I stated a few months ago, my interests are music and movie. Thus I don’t care to pay more money, even if wasting it. The main reason why I can spend money is I had a part time job over sea. However, I do no job here. Whole money comes from my parents. Thank them so much! I have to save money, except for fees related w/ school.

Now I was calculating how much I spend per month, particularly of foods. Food-spent money is $230-, which is briefly of Safeway. How do u guys think? Cheap/Expensive? By this result I spent less than $10- per day. Sounds good! To cook at home helps my wallet, actually. I’m gonna keep this lifestyle.

Two new CDs are so nice that I can keep listening all day, lol. I think it’s important to read English by magazines after finishing da class, anyway.


最近、日本から持ってきた『人間発見 私の経営哲学』という文庫本を読み始めた。日本の会社の社長クラスの人が、インタビューを受け、自分の体験談を語る。それを本にまとめたものがこれ。今ではUSのトップ3の合計よりもその収益が上回っているトヨタの社長のインタビューから始まる。日本の経済哲学と、USの経済哲学では、バックグラウンドに差があることから根本的に異なる。例えば、日本は長期安定雇用を主にしているが、USは正反対。当然長期でもいいけど、短期でも全く問題は無いという構えだ。リクと以前就職のことについて話しているときに、リクも同じことを言っていた。再就職市場が充実しているUSAの特徴だろう。






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