Three Times!

It is the date to play b-ball. I invited Koji, who will go on a trip to Canada w/ me and Riku, to play it from 2 to 4pm. Caz he likes football, I don’t think he is poor at b-ball. Riku also was surprised at his first play. We enjoyed it, actually.

After that I received Ikebukuro West Gate Park (#1-6), Japanese popular drama. This drama was broadcasted a couple of years ago. However, several famous (today) actors acted in it, such as Nagase, Kuboduka, Tsumabuki, Sakaguchi Kenji, Yamapi-, Oguri Shun, Sato Ryuta, Watanabe Ken. Its playwright, Kudo Kankuro, also is well-known. His other funny performance is Kisarazu Cats-eye, GO, and Ping Pong. I was quite impressed by his works. I love’em.

At last, seriously I start searching hotels in Vancouver, Canada. Five-star class hotel is located close to down town. This is the best for us, but a little expensive for students, lol. We’ve got to keep going for a while till we find the second best.

I watched Nikkei movie about India’s developing during break of searching hotels. GDP rate of India is approximately 8%, which is a quite good number. One analyst thinks Indian rising population makes it better. Talking about consume in there, Indian individual income is increasing and so they can purchase their own automobile. The analyst concluded that the automobile market becomes the key to develop India’s economy. Additionally, India has a number of low-cost IT engineers. However, the relationship between India and Japan is thin. Thus the society in Japan becomes difficult for excellent engineers to work here. The main factor is the Language, which is the first step to create the relationship between foreigners.

IWGPはon timeで見ておくべきだった。後悔の念が止まない。「木更津キャッツアイ」も同じ。共に再放送もしくは友人からビデオを借りるなどして、見ている。両ドラマは、何度も深夜に再放送がされている。でも深夜だから、新聞のTV欄も小さく気づくことも少なく、見逃してばかり。こういったドラマは、性格上、最初から最後まで1話も見逃すことなく、見終わりたい。だから、滅多な機会がないと、完全鑑賞できないw。




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