Nippon will make Miracle at Germany.

Team Japan beat North Korea to go to Germany 2006. As soon as I heard this excellent news, I told to Yusuke who is a TNP student and loves football. He as well as I is celebrating Team Japan. He applied for da World Cup ticket before. Da system of getting tickets changed completely into TST. That is the new way to, first of all, choose one country. If it succeeds to qualify, people can get the right to buy three tickets related w/ the country. It’s difficult to explain. Actually, I’m not sure, lol.

Anyway, I have a desire to go and watch da game at Germany. Even if I skip a-week-class, the pleasure of joining would be bigger than that of da attendance of class. Do u guys remember da former WC? It was when I was a high school student that we were pretty excited by WC. I never forget that whole class rooms became the stadiums. To be honest, I laughed at how many Nakata I saw in school. Do u make sense? Nakata was (is, too) so popular that everybody wore his uniform. I saw not only him but also Inamoto who brought Japan’s victory against Russia.
I notice now that it is quite difficult to get tickets, actually. Most TST are sold out. I’m disappointed.

Another I did today is pick up my DS-2019 for a journey to Vancouver. I went to East Hall. After that I bought some yogurts at Safeway.



もう来年だよ。時が経つのは早い。前回の大会、高校3年で青春真っ盛りだったのが目をつぶればポンポン飛び込んでくる。あの時はホントに楽しかったなぁ。開催国だけあって、試合のTV中継が全試合。ほぼ見た覚えがある。高校でドイツ語を勉強してたから、クラスのみんなもドイツへの熱意は等しくあった。そのドイツが順当にBest 4に残り、決勝を目指して韓国と対戦。韓国の快進撃も相当のものだった。Homeでの観客の多さ、マジで異様だよ。まぁ日本も同じかw。韓国が4強入りを賭けて対戦したItaly。この試合は、伝説に残るほどの好試合になった。巷では、「あの審判なくねぇ~」との声が、伊国内でもそうとうメディアが叩いていた。


けいこは明日のFinalの時間を2時間間違えていたことを、メッセで話しかけてきた。良かったね、気づいて。Good Luck!

  by tkpsu | 2005-06-08 15:32 | @Portland

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