Nature waits for us in Vancouver.

Keiko, who has a last exam left, announced me that she has well done. It was before noon which is earlier than I expected. It was seemingly easy for her. And then she gave me piece of cookies among 162 she cooked last night. I ate them while I watch da movie.

I went to Neuberger Hall to activate my PSU account to resister Summer Session. This trouble was solved soon. I’ll register SS tmrrw.

Another huge trouble was solved well today. That is about bank account. I gave da call to Sinsei Bank based in Japan. I opened da saving account of it before studying abroad and wanted to withdraw some money from it. However, my cash card was not available though I tried to do that many times. The operator managed to solve my trouble. I had to change my address caz my family moved out Tokyo to Osaka. When I opened da account, we lived in Tokyo and so I wrote down the former address. That was a mistake to block my cash card.

After all, it becomes possible to withdraw money at ATM. Sounds nice! I got decide where to go around Vancouver. I plan to go to da Mountain located 15-minute-bus away from downtown. I expect the most beautiful view I’ve ever seen. When thinking about Vancouver, I can’t sleep, lol.





  by tkpsu | 2005-06-09 15:34 | @Portland

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