Part of Journey.

I got up at 9:30 am. That’s da last morning at Vancouver. I ate bread as a breakfast and drank coffee. I took a shower making me awake. It was at 10:45 am that we left da hotel for Portland. First of all, we went to Robson St caz Riku wanted to buy a nice sunglass at one shop along this street.

Unfortunately, who bought finally was not Riku but Koji, lol. I think da shopping is like that. I mean, those who want seriously something don’t buy it, while those who don’t want smth do buy it, lol. Thus da shopping spends generally more money than expected, lol.

We reached Burrard station in order to ride skytrain for Main st where we’ll ride Amtrak bus for Seattle. This train has no officers. There is nobody not only in train but also on station. To be honest, I thought actually we didn’t have to pay fares of this train. However, most Japanese care if they paid for tickets. The main reason is da problem would be bigger when one officer found them faking tickets. I felt part of Japaneseness thr that.

I was waiting for da buss departure by 12:30 pm. There were more passengers than before. To my surprise, three Japanese girls rode the same bus for Seattle. Then I didn’t know at all what happened next.

After September 11, the security across da border became stricter. Although I kept a banana in my bag pack, I had to throw away it. Every passenger is not allowed to bring any fruits into US. ‘nd then I ate it before the interview by officer. Therefore I passed successfully da interview and da bag pack check thr an advanced machine.

Though I worried about da traffic, the bus drove to there on time. The next Amtrak was da actual last trip during summer break. The three girls also waited seemingly for da same Amtrak for PDX. Something funny happened more. At 5:25pm we looked for and took our seats after doing da seat assignment to decide every seat. Once I looked up to da next booth, I found that three girls I think who are from Osaka caz they spoke in western Japanese. We ignored completely them during the following an hour, rather than didn’t speak to them, caz they made a big noise, which was just chat loud.

I was reading da book about Japanese presidents of companies w/ listening to music, Koji also read da book about finding jobs Riku brought, and Riku tried to sleep. ‘nd then one girl asked Riku to take a picture against them. That’s da beginning of da last interesting journey. We had funny & nice time in Amtrak w/ girls from Osaka, who study abroad to college in Canada. Actually, I wanted to spend by myself at the end of da journey, especially reading da book. When da train arrived at Union Station on time, I said good bye to them. We rode trimet bus #44 to PSU. I wanted to shout ‘well done.’

However, this was not the end of the day caz it’s the day before Misa’s birthday. After taking shower I left home again for da party. Since da party was held far from Epler and the bus was completed. I ran rather than walked to East, one of bars around downtown in Portland. Time has come and passed. We, except for Misa & Heuy, entered da bar to surprise her. I enjoyed this b.d. party till 2:00 am. Although I came home back w/ Riku, both were quite exhausted, lol. Yet the alcoholic effect made us high to chat well.

Actually, that was the end of whole schedules. Have a good nite!!


  by tkpsu | 2005-06-15 08:38 | @Vancouver June '05

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