Epler is back.

The exhaustion has gone. For da first time I saw the sunshine from Epler, Portland in six days. It was after noon already. I gave Jeff call. I asked him cuz Game 4 will be held at 6:00pm. He told me the way to get his house from a dorm. As he said, I had better get on #8 bus from PSU and off at N 15th Knott. When I arrive there, I’ll give him call again. Although I planed to ride the #8 trimet bus for North 15th and Knott, which is the nearest bus stop from his home, I skipped it. I got on #9 at PSU and got off N 15th. I walked up to Knott st, approximately ten blocks. When I gave da call, he appeared.

Jeff is a cool guy, PSU student, who knows about Japan well. I think he knows about Japanese history better than I. He took the same class in Spring, Globalization and Identity. He raised his hand and spoke his opinion the most time in da class. He’s been to Japan, especially studied abroad to Waseda. He will go to graduate school in Japan after PSU graduation (in Fall or Winter). In fact, he’s gonna find a job to make money for school. He’ll leave after working for a while, a year or more. I look upon to him by listening to his dream. I must have. I’ll spend time to search Japanese companies in this term. This work will be involved w/ Riku and held twice a week.
I don’t wanna mention about da game. Pistons beat Spurs, getting tied up da series, 2 for 2. If Spurs win once at load, they’ll be superior, anyway. My mind faces Game 5, on Sunday, already.

I spend da first time w/ general members in six days: Riku, Heuy, Misa and Keiko. I watched Spiderman 2 in Heuy’s room till 3:30am. As I’ve never seen it, I was lucky. The sleepiness stole my memory about this film, lol.

久々に日本語で書きます。いやぁ~、今日も充実でしたわぁ。Spursが負けたこと以外ね・・・。ジェフの家では、土曜日に行われるHome Partyの準備をしていた。そんな中での、訪問となりホントに邪魔だっただろうなぁ。ごねんよ、ジェフ。オレ一人の訪問だったので、家族全員と対面し、紹介してもらった。ジェフの家族は、典型的のUSの家族。男3人に、2人の妹、そしてお父さんに、お母さん、おばあちゃんの構成だ。この日は、Livingだけ通されたため、豪邸の内部は確認できなかったけど、ジェフ曰く、家中に写真が飾られているらしい。オレも家族が出来たら真似したいと思ってる。


その後場所をヒューイの部屋に移して、Spiderman 2上映開始。前作は見たんだけど、2も見たい見たいと思っていながら、結局見ずに今日まで来た。だから、ラッキィ~♪ケーコのクッキーをつまみながらの鑑賞でした。幸せ。

  by tkpsu | 2005-06-16 15:46 | @Portland

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