Ridiculous Time is Best.

At 2:30 pm I got up. This early morning I went to PDX to say to Misa good bye. At 7:00 am I’m home and go to bed. Now I don’t feel at all. I can’t find any difference between past and present, so far. I wonder if Misa arrives successfully at KIX. While I wait for Misa & Heuy, I drank a cup of coffee, but killing my stomach and making me awake. I didn’t fall a sleep soon, lol.

I borrowed 20th Century Boys, Japanese comic, from Riku. I heard from him his Mom bought and send them to him w/ no request. I planed to finish reading over sea before studying abroad. However, I red only five books and left there for PDX. I wanna really read the other. Additionally, now is only time for me to do that cuz summer will kill me. I’m gonna spend time to do that.

I joined Jeff’s home party. At 7:10 pm I arrived at there w/ some TNP students, Oki, Koji, Keita, Jun and Keisuke. They were surprised at his house. I drank only one bottle of Heineken, but ate some foods and had fun. His family is related w/Irish culture, I guess. Ten and more people danced on da stage w/ Irish music. The party was briefly held on da garden, out of rooms. There were few youth and many adults, lol.





  by tkpsu | 2005-06-18 16:59 | @Portland

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