One Shot is Enough.

Howl’s Moving Castle reminds me of November 20, 2004. Who knows this secret? It’s my neighborhood. However, I’m not sure she remembers still. I’ll stop here. I want only this memory to appear on my weblog.

I watched this Japanese film, giving me da impression again. When I watched it in Japan before studying abroad here, I got da same feeling.

I went to Abercrombie & Fitch near Pioneer Square. Do u know? Actually, I knew yesterday where it is. It was da first time for me to see this word “Abercro” in Yusuke’s blog. I was surprised what a fashionable shop is. It reminds me of several shops in Shibuya/Daikanyama. In spite of Sunday afternoon there are few customers in that shop. I like that. I dislike that many people look for something in one shop. This situation always makes me hurry up. I wanna look for something I want for a while, no, for a long time. For da first time I enjoyed shopping in Portland, to be honest. I bought one basketball pans and V necked T-shirts. I’m gonna keep go there whenever I go shopping.

Something good is still going on. Spurs won Pistons in Game 5 at Detroit. Spurs would get da triumph of NBA Champion if they win once more game. Today’s hero was, absolutely, Robert Horry. His whole points were born after halftime. He scored the biggest three pointer w/ 5.9 seconds left of over time. That led da victory of Spurs, 96 – 95. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I jumped up in my room when he achieved. I’m looking forward to next Tuesday, Game 6 at San Antonio.




キムタクが声優を担当した主人公ハウルは、USでは20年のキャリアをもつ人が担当した。正直おじさんだった。でも最後にはコレがUS版ハウルなんだなぁ~、って軽く洗脳されかかっていたw。声優と言えば、US版はソフィーを2人1役で演じていた。要するに、若いときの声と、おばあちゃんのときの声を担当する人を別々にしたってわけ。日本では倍賞千恵子が、一人で演じきったがWolt Disneyではこうした。2人で演じるのは一見正解のような気がするが、個人的な意見からすると、一人でやった方がいい!という印象。



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