Mates are new.

I had da first class in summer session. I’m taking ELS class at 9:30 am by 11:35 from Monday to Thursday. As I passed da TOEFL score, 197, I can register other classes which will give me less than 8 credits. I registered three general classes last week. One is Economics 202 (14:15-16:35 TR, 4 cre.), another is Finance 301 (17:30-20:55 W, 3), and the other is Management 407(July 30, 8:30-16:30, 1). Sounds harder than da former quarter. Exactly. I’ll be dead at the end of this term, lol. However, I won’t give them up.

My new instructor of ESL is Glen. I know well that he is a good teacher and king enough to help everything. Besides him, da classmates are refreshed. It is da first time for me to study w/ Asuka, Moto, Sae and Keisuke. That is, I missed Miu, Yusuke, Kina and Yoshiki, who study the other ESL class taught by Carey. I wanna steal many skills of other students at the same time to study together.

After the first class I visited Ari, a TNP officer, to ask her about the envelope. I received it the other day. It said I must pay school fee, like $ 5300-, in a few weeks. I was surprised a little bit, but hardly cared it so far. As I did, she said to me, “Don’t worry about it. I’ll keep it.” I think well done.

I took a nap by 6:00pm. I chatted on the web w/ Yui, a lady friend from Waseda, who belongs to the same circle. We talked about Movie, especially Ghibli. She is younger than I by just one, but she doesn’t remember what da story of Naoshika is about. I was surprised at that, and so asked her to watch it in a few weeks. When I kept talking about Howl’s Moving Castle, she wanted to watch it rite now, lol.






  by tkpsu | 2005-06-20 14:29 | @Portland

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