Understanding is Difficult, but….

It was the first time for me to attend the night class which starts 5:30pm thru 8:55, Finance 301. In Waseda I’ve never taken such a late class. Since I work a part time job after school, I registered classes which range from 9:00am thru 4:10pm. Anyway, first of all, da instructor, James Kar, asked us what your experience and expectation about this class are. I replied, “I have little information about stock market. Unfortunately, my major is economics. I wanna learn how stock market works/changes and why. Additionally, I wanna know how I can get information of that.” I worry about whether I can follow at the same pace. Although there are 15 students in this class whose major is different from each other, fortunately two other students have no experience about stock market like me. I felt a big relief, lol. FIN 301 will give me lots of stuffs, but I won’t give it up to accomplish whole assignments. I’ll do my best as well as at Econ 202.

It was at 9:30pm that I was home because of FIN. Once more I have to do is a home work of ESL, reading a text and summarizing it. I was done at 1:30 am. This section says about American abundance making US far wealthier. American people live to get wealth and public standard. They want to buy smth new, new car, new house, new computer, etc to feel comfort. In order to explain da strategy of this purchase, this section mentioned da relationship between producers and consumers. However, talking about TV commercials, merging like monopoly, a bad effect on children and a decline of their educational skills are controversial.

I’ll stop talking about the difficult class here, anyway. My recent interest is to collect music. I can listen to a number of music, approximately 2000 w/ PC. They’ll help reading since time to read/study is boring.


リクから借りた『20世紀少年』は現在発売されているところまで読み切った。早く続きが読みたいです。んで、すかさずその代役として「Monster」っていう同じ浦沢直樹が書いたマンガを借りた。これは完結してるので、満足感を得られるはず。でも今Week 1で生活リズムがつかめず、それに割く時間を検討中。実際あんまり読めてない状況です。

さて明日でついに今年のNBAの終止符が打たれます。Game 7が21時(ET)からあって、その勝者が05年の王者!第7戦までもつれ込む良いファイナルだった、って前日でも言えるね。今年のPlayoffもいろんなことあったなぁ~。古豪ブルズの復活、レジェンド・ミラーの現役引退、シーズンMVPの敗退、マブスのHome2連敗からの快進撃など。まわりの友達は今年のプレーオフは面白くないと言うが、オレはそうは思わない。試合後との一つ一つのプレーが勝利に近づいているというバスケの醍醐味を感じることが出来れば、どの試合も楽しくて仕方ないと思う。まぁ、こう言えるのは、USに自分がいて、全ての試合をTVで観戦出来たからなんだけどねw。

そんなわけで、明日のスパーズの勝利を願いながら、寝ます。Good Nite!

  by tkpsu | 2005-06-22 04:28 | @Portland

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