Enjoy Tonight by Fireworks.

Have fun on Independence Day.

I went to Blue Festival held at da waterfront at noon w/ Y. Yusuke & S. Yusuke. It’s quite sunny and hot, so I wear da sunglass. Since it is noon, we can’t see other people there. I pay $5- as a donation in order to enter da gate. Y. Yusuke bought da BBQ chicken & corn at da shop. I ate an ice cream which is a symbol in summer. That’s all in da noon section. I walked home together. We are looking forward to Fireworks tonite.

I stayed home till I left at 8:30pm. During that I cooked da curry. It is so amount that I can finish it in two days, lol. 60-minute curry made me stuffed and satisfied. I’ll have it tmrrw.

Fireworks will start at 10:00pm, although, we arrived at 9:00pm. We are chilling about a journey, high school, Fireworks in Japan and etc. As long as I see, 10,000 thru 20,000 Oregonians r waiting for da start. When it’s passed 9:30, it’s getting dark. That’s da best situation. I can hear da blues music since arriving here. Most people r drinking and chilling. One neighbor spoke to Y. Yusuke. He just wanted to ask what Yusuke’s T-shirts means. Actually, he doesn’t know about it. But, I watched someone asked da same question before. I realized that he is good at choosing a unique T-shirts. I hope I could do that, anyway.

Da main event took place. That’s beautiful, bright, and noisy, lol. Unfortunately, I can’t feel da art w/ it. I just wanna state how excellent Japan’s Fireworks are. We can notice clearly what da theme is so far. On the other hand, there were nothing special, lol, killing my mind. I miss Japan. I wanna really watch that. If I can hope, I wanna join w/ a girlfriend. Only one thing I question about Japan is to broadcast da Fireworks. That’s crazy. American would not believe their eyes.

独立記念日。USAに来て早3ヶ月、初めてとなる祝日らしい祝日だった。出店などが軒を連ね、多くの集客を呼ぶのは何度かある。現に、Rose Festivalのときも似たようなものだった。そのときも前夜祭ということだったのか、花火を見に行った。その時とは、明らかに雰囲気の違う夜だった。







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